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ilomilo and Year Walk devs reveal canned game Brisby & Donnovan

In which you feed your pal copious amounts of dung.

Before Simogo worked on such wonderful outings as Year Walk, Device 6, Beat Sneak Bandit, and Bumpy Road, the two-man Swedish studio was working for SouthEnd Interactive where the wonderful puzzle game ilomilo was born.

Prior to branching off into its own studio in 2010, the Simogo pair of Simon Flesser and Magnus Gardebäck were working with SouthEnd on one more project that never saw the light of day: a game called Brisby & Donnovan.

Now, four years later, gameplay footage of the canned project's prototype has been revealed.

Cover image for YouTube videoBrisby & Donnovan - prototype gameplay

The peculiar title starred two characters: Brisby, a tiny bear-man, and Donnovan, a colossal figure comprised of packages. The player would have taken the role of Brisby, who would toss boxes onto objects, baiting Donnovan into eating them and growing larger. Doing so would allow the full-figured fellow to devour increasingly large objects like cars and helicopters. Think Ico, if Yorda had been the ball from Katamari Damacy, and you'll get the idea.

We'll never know why Brisby & Donnovan never saw the light of day, but I can't imagine the bit where Brisby feeds his portly pal copious amounts of fecal matter (at 4:02) helped any.

SouthEnd continued for awhile without the Simogo boys, where it released the 2D brawler Sacred Citadel in 2013. The studio was shuttered last June, however, with its staff moving to Ubisoft's Massive studio where it worked on Far Cry 3 and the upcoming The Division.