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IllumiRoom unlikely for Xbox One

Would cost consumers thousands.

IllumiRoom, Microsoft's Kinect plus projector tech, probably won't release in consumer form on Xbox One.

"I wouldn't expect you'll see that," Xbox One director of product planning Albert Penello told Ausgamers at PAX.

Penello said Microsoft found the technology would cost consumers too much money to buy.

"It's very, very cool tech but for a consumer it requires projectors and things," he said. "It's really super-neat if you're in the lab and you've got Microsoft money and you could totally set up this awesome lab, but...

"We looked at it, but for an average customer it's thousands of dollars [for the set up]."

IllumiRoom caught the attention of gamers earlier this year after Microsoft released a video, below, showcasing how it would work with its then unannounced next-gen console.

IllumiRoom uses a projector that sits on your coffee table and surrounds your television with projected light to extend gaming content out of your TV. It can selectively show game elements, like explosions, or make it snow in a living room, for example. It uses Kinect to gather information on the appearance and geometry of the room and adapt the projected visuals in real-time. The video shows, briefly, IllumiRoom working with Valve's Portal.

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