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id Software sticking to "fast action" for new game

QuakeCon reveal expected.

id Software has dropped more hints about the new game it has in development ahead of an expected reveal at QuakeCon later this week.

The developer's annual press conference, also encompassing a keynote address from John Carmack, is scheduled for Friday at midnight BST, and id's business development director Steve Nix has said to expect "a number of interesting announcements at QuakeCon", while creative director Kevin Cloud said that the new game would be "something different", but still "fast action".

Speaking to to Shacknews, Nix said of the new game: "It's not Doom or Wolfenstein or Enemy Territory. It's new for sure, and we're always looking to broaden the gameplay, but people aren't going to be shocked. You shouldn't expect an RTS or a fighting game or something. People are going to like what they see, but it's not going to be shocking."

Cloud was more specific: "Yes, we are doing something different, but it's still going to be fast action," he explained. "We're still going to be first-person shooters and in-your-face immersive action, but yes it's not, you know, Doom 3."

Later, when asked what kind of direction the company would be taking, given its variety of approaches - increasingly multiplayer on Quake and then largely single-player on Doom - he added: "I think there's a lot of interest internally about co-operative gameplay. That's something that's interesting."

So then, an FPS with co-op? Could be. We'll be reporting live from QuakeCon (yeehaw!) toward the end of the week, so if you happen to be awake in the early hours of Saturday tune in to find out what happened, and watch out for previews and interviews going into next week.