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I really wish Sonic Frontiers had these modded physics

Himbo Sonic is a step too far though.

Controlling a blue hedgehog at supersonic speeds was never going to be easy, but Sonic Team have long struggled to keep their mascot in check.

That's no different with Sonic Frontiers. While Sonic is free in the open zone, the cyberspace levels show up the awkwardness of Sonic's movement.

Now there's a mod to fix that, courtesy of BeatzYT3 over on GameBanana. Their Improved Physics mod makes a number of changes to momentum and balance to ensure Sonic's movement feels more fluid.

Sonic Frontiers - The DF Tech Review - Every Version Tested - PlayStation, Xbox, PC, Switch!

With the mod in place, ground speed is affected by slopes and drop dash jumping carries momentum, to keep up Sonic's speed.

Elsewhere, turning in cyberspace levels is dependent on speed, wall jumping is faster to execute, stomping is more fluid and more.

The mod is so good that YouTube channel Sonic Central has created a montage of cyberspace levels and oh how I wish this was how the game controlled by default. It's just so silky smooth.

Sonic Frontiers, now Cyberspace is fixed

There are plenty of other mods too, mainly swapping out Sonic for other versions.

There's Sonic from Smash Bros, Sonic from Unleashed, Sonic from Adventure, and Sonic from The Fighters.

Sonic Adventure mod for Sonic Frontiers
Sonic Adventure mod from modder braytendo

If you're looking for something really cursed, here's Sonic the Himbo who really took time to level up his stats. Or maybe you'd prefer Minecraft Sonic?

Himbo Sonic mod
Himbo Sonic from modder braytendo

Or maybe you don't want Sonic at all. Now you can play as Blaze the Cat, Amy Rose, or even Garfield.

Now all we need is a Link from The Legend of Zelda mod. Look, I know the game "isn't similar at all" to Breath of the Wild, but I need to see Link's little legs running really fast.

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