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Hypnospace Outlaw spin-off Slayers X gets June release date

And Game Pass day one.

A spin-off of Hypnospace Outlaw is on the way next month, as announced by creator Jay Tholen.

Slayers X: Terminal Aftermath: Vengance of the Slayer (as is its full name) is set for release on 1st June across both PC (Steam) and Xbox (via Game Pass).

Similarly to Hypnospace Outlaw, Slayers X is aiming to capture the 1990s but this time as a first-person shooter. You can take a look in the reveal video below.

The Zane Event Slayers X revealWatch on YouTube

What's more, Slayers X is sort of a game-within-a-game.

Players of Hypnospace Outlaw will be familiar with 14-year-old Zane Lofton, a fan favourite character.

As a spin-off, Slayers X is a crude shooter "developed by Zane". And it was actually announced back in April, alongside another spiritual sequel called Dreamsettler.

"Developer Zane Lofton of Big Z Studios, the creator of Slayers X, started making Slayers X back in 1999," reads the tongue-in-cheek official blurb.

"Unfortunately, just as he was close to completing his masterpiece, the CD-ROM went missing and was lost. Decades went by before Zane finally found it again, and the game is now ready to launch, published by No More Robots.

"It honestly has to be played to be believed, with over-the-top weapons, cutscenes that could have been pulled from a different era, and a protagonist who cannot stop commenting on every single thing that happens, in the most crude manner possible."

Hypnospace Outlaw received positive reviews when it was released back in 2019. It's something of a detective game that simulates the experience of exploring the internet in the 1990s.

"The internet of Hypnospace is alive, and everywhere bubbling with wit and charm," reads our Hypnospace Outlaw review.