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Huge Xbox spring sale now live

More than 350 games cut in price.

Xbox has launched an enormous spring sale, with some eye-catching offers and more than 350 game prices slashed.

Titanfall 2 is cut in price from £55 to £27.50, Destiny is down from £50 to £25 for its complete edition, and Battlefield 1 is £33, down from £55.

There's a couple of quid off Lego's newly-launched Minecraft-like sandbox Lego Worlds, and couch co-op masterpiece Overcooked is almost half price (£6.75).

Looking for a pocket money-sized bargain? Beautiful crafty platformer Unravel is £3.75, and Terraria is £4.08.

You can get the complete season of Life is Strange for just £4 - less than a pound per episode. Or, you can get the entire season of Telltale's Game of Thrones for £4.80 - again, less than a quid per episodic slice.

A bunch of backwards-compatible Xbox 360 games are also on offer: cult classic Alan Wake is £3.74, Assassin's Creed Rogue is £5.99, and Red Dead Redemption is £12.49.

Links to the full list of deals are available over on Microsoft's Major Nelson blog.

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All of those prices are for Gold subscribers, but if you're picking up something from the sale it's probably worth getting a month's Gold subscription for a quid and unlocking the larger discount.