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How would BioShock look running in CryEngine 3?

Pure Rapture.

Few locations have captured the imagination this generation as much as Rapture, BioShock's underwater utopia-gone-wrong.

But how would it look like now, nearly five years after BioShock's initial release?

Irrational's world was built using a modified version of Unreal Engine 2. Now, Crytek UK artist Scott Homer has recreated some of BioShock's universe using the shiny new technology within CryEngine 3.

It looks gorgeous.

From the reflected neon lights of Rapture's sub-aquatic skyscrapers to the smiley-face hubcaps on a Big Daddy's knees, Homer has captured what made Rapture great: its atmosphere.

Gaze at the images below, and find more over on (via Polycount). You can almost hear the distant stomp of metal boots on rusting floors.

Click to enlarge.

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