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Homophobic players upset at LGBT+ toggle in arcade racer Buck Up And Drive


The developer of arcade racer Buck Up And Drive has included an LGBT+ toggle that turns all billboards into Pride flags.

While the game has proven popular on Steam, where it holds a very positive user rating, a handful of negative reviews from homophobic players have appeared, unhappy with the toggle.

To be clear, LGBT+ billboards already appear in the game by default. But the toggle turns all billboards into LGBT+ flags instead of removing them, something some players have misinterpreted. These users have criticised the game for having a toggle they think doesn't work, or for having politically charged messaging.

Cover image for YouTube videoBuck Up And Drive! - Trailer

Developer Fábio Fontes spoke with Gayming Magazine about the toggle.

"The game features a couple Pride flags (rainbow and trans) among the randomised billboards on the sides of the road. Predicting how some folk would react to their mere existence, I figured... screw it, might as well have some fun with it," said Fontes.

The reaction includes "some people foaming at the mouth slightly more than they would've already, just for having the flags in the first place (some not getting it and thinking the toggle just doesn't do anything), and a collective belly laugh from everyone else."

On the flipside, the game seems to have also garnered a positive reaction from others in response to the billboard toggle, with one particular tweet going viral: "Funniest menu option ever put in a video game."

The game itself, released on 10th January, is an endless driving game that also features tricks, flips, grinding and battling. An LGBT+ toggle is certainly the least bizarre thing about it.

And what did Fontes say to those homophobic reviews? "My thoughts on the ones upset by it... Cope."