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Heroes of the Storm: free hero rotation for June 9th

This week's collection of free HotS Heroes.

Every Tuesday, Blizzard shakes up the selection of free Heroes you can choose from in Heroes of the Storm. You're able to play them without any restrictions until the next rotation, at which point you'll have to either cough up the Gold or cash that's required to permanently unlock them, wait for them to come around again, or simply move onto a new Hero.

There's typically one or two of each of the game's four Hero types to mess around with in each rotation. Assassins dish out focused damage, Warriors are great for soaking up enemy attacks and protecting their team-mates, Support Heroes heal and buff up their buddies, while Specialists bring an assortment of tricks and traps to battle.

Here's a rundown of all of the free Heroes available in this week's rotation, along with links to some popular builds and game guides that should help you get started with the character in question.

Free Assassin Heroes - June 9th


Warcraft's Jaina heads into battle with a bevy of frosty spells under her belt. She's good if you like dominating lanes in the early game, chasing down cowards and dishing out massive amounts of burst damage. She's very squishy though, so watch your positioning.

Popular Jaina builds and guides


Classed as one of the easier Assassins to play, StarCraft's Raynor has seen a fair amount of play in the Hero rotation. He's a good starting Hero if you fancy taking a damage role on, but it's worth experimenting with some of the other Assassins once you've got the basics of the game down.

Popular Raynor builds and guides

Free Specialist Heroes - June 9th


To play this week's free Specialist Hero Sylvanas, you'll need to have reached Level 15 with your account. She's great for those who like controlling and silencing enemies, but she can't take a lot of damage. Go into battle with a buddy if you can.

Popular Sylvanas builds and guides

Free Support Heroes - June 9th


Rehgar's great for providing strong burst healing to his team-mates, but he's also more than capable of soloing lanes by himself. His Healing Totem also allows the team to clear Mercenary Camps much earlier than they'd otherwise be able to

Popular Rehgar builds and guides


If you're familiar with Blizzard's Paladin concept, you'll feel right at home with the melee healing master Uther. This character has solid burst healing options, along with some powerful enemy stun options. You'll need to have an account level of 12 to unlock Uther.

Popular Uther builds and guides

Free Warrior Heroes - June 9th


As capable in team battles as he is one-on-one encounters, Muradin really comes into his own during the latter stages of a match. This Hero has strong recovery skills once he gets out of battle, which reduces his downtime considerably.

Popular Muradin builds and guides


If you like poking, prodding and generally harassing the opposing team, you'll have a lot of fun playing Tyrael. He's not the toughest Warrior Hero in the game, but he does have strong mobility, buffing and debuffing options.

Popular Tyrael builds and guides

To stay on top of all the latest developments in the game, take a look at our dedicated Heroes of the Storm channel at MetaBomb.

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