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Here's your first look at Square Enix's Left Alive

Wanzer dragoon.

Following its reveal at Tuesday's Sony Press Conference, Square Enix afforded us a first look proper at Left Alive, the third-person survival shooter set in the Front Mission universe.

Producer Shinji Hashimoto, game director Toshifumi Nabeshima and character artist Yoji Shinkawa - who's appearing on-loan from Kojima Productions - took to the stage at today's Tokyo Game Show to reveal a little bit more about the game, and give a brief glimpse of it in action.

Left Alive takes place between Front Mission 5 and Front Mission Evolved, and features three different protagonists. The focus seems to have shifted from the mechs - or Wanzers, as they're cutely known in Front Mission's universe - onto the player characters, with no mech customisation but the promise of crafting for weapons. That ties into the survival nature of the game, with an emphasis on third-person shooting and laying down traps in the environment. There's a distinct Metal Gear vibe to it all - perhaps understandable given the presence of artist Shinkawa, famed for his work on Konami's series.

Cover image for YouTube videoLEFT ALIVE - TGS 2017 Announcement Trailer

Alongside the brief details, Square Enix revealed new screenshots of the game and the briefest of glimpses of it running. Left Alive is due out for PC and PS4 next year.