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Here's everything announced during Sony's PlayStation VR Spotlight event

I Expect You To Die 2! Doom 3 VR! More!

Sony has been shining a light on PlayStation VR today - or rather, on some of the upcoming games owners will be able to enjoy with their helmets on and hands a-hoisted - and those who missed it can catch up on the various announcements below.

Doom 3 VR Edition

The big-name reveal comes in the form of Doom 3 VR Edition which, as its name implies, is a VR-enhanced version of id Software's 2004 first-person shooter Doom 3.

It'll include new textures and sound effects, alongside the game's Resurrection of Evil and The Lost Mission expansions, when it launches on 29th March.

Cover image for YouTube videoDOOM3 VR Edition - Announce Teaser Trailer | PS VR
Doom 3 VR Edition - Announce Teaser Trailer.


Next up is developer nDreams' Fracked, which sets players loose in a mountain fracking facility overrun by armed inter-dimensional creatures intent on destroying the world.

It promises "fast paced, 1:1 run and cover gunplay" mixed with skiing, climbing, base jumping, and zip lining - and it'll include PS5 enhancements when it launches this "summer".

Cover image for YouTube videoFracked - Teaser Trailer | PS VR
Fracked - Teaser Trailer.


Zenith, meanwhile, is an "expansive JRPG-inspired MMO" that sees players exploring a "massive" world of lush canopies, turquoise blue waters, and futuristic cityscapes as they take on men and gods in a bid to prevent catastrophe.

There are dungeons to explore, bosses to defeat, and developer Ramen VR promises stamina-based climbing, gliding, plus "hyper-immersive" combat - built around throwing, blocking, and dodging - when Zenith arrives as some currently unspecified future point.

Cover image for YouTube videoZenith: The Last City - The Fracture Trailer | PS VR
Zenith: The Last City - The Fracture Trailer.

After the Fall

Next on the list is After the Fall from Vertigo Games, the developer behind Arizona Sunshine. It's a co-op action FPS set in the frozen, post-apocalyptic remains of an alternate 1980s LA.

Players will need to take on "terrifying, ferocious" undead that roam the world in massive hordes, using both conventional weapons and more exotic, 80s-inspired efforts like a cassette player-turned-missile launcher when it arrives this summer.

Cover image for YouTube videoAfter the Fall - Cinematic Trailer | PS VR
After the Fall - Cinematic Trailer.

I Expect You To Die 2: The Spy and the Liar

There's an altogether more cerebral sort of action in Schell Games' sequel I Expect You To Die 2: The Spy and the Liar, which once again sees players - cast in the role of enterprising secret agents - using their brains to figure out how escape each perilous scenario with their lives.

"Take advantage of your telekinetic abilities in all-new environments and surroundings," explains the developer, "Expose the diabolical plot and learn even more about Zoraxis." I Expect You To Die 2 comes to PSVR later this year.

Cover image for YouTube videoI Expect You to Die 2: The Spy and the Liar - Extended Announcement Trailer | PS VR
I Expect You to Die 2: The Spy and the Liar - Announcement Trailer.

Song in the Smoke

Finally, there's Song in the Smoke, a striking survival game by developer 17-BIT.

As you'd expect, there's hunting and scavenging to be done, but once your hunger is sufficiently sated, you're free to explore the world, crafting weapons and tools to help make a little more progress before bedding down for the night. All that's given a VR twist that you'll be able to experience yourself when Song in the Smoke launches sometime in 2021.

Cover image for YouTube videoSong in the Smoke - Announce Trailer | PS VR
Song in the Smoke - Announce Trailer.