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Here's a look at Everybody's Gone to the Rapture designer's romantic metal-detecting adventure

The Magnificent Trufflepigs out this summer.

The Magnificent Trufflepigs, a romantic first-person metal-detecting adventure from Everybody's Gone to the Rapture lead designer Andrew Crawshaw, has just received a first trailer ahead of its arrival on PC and Switch later this year.

Developed by Crawshaw's Leeds-based studio Thunkd (which aims to focus on short-form, "evening-sized" experiences), The Magnificent Trufflepigs tells the story of Adam - played by Doctor Who and Legends of Tomorrow's Arthur Darvill - as he returns to his childhood home.

Here, he reunites with Beth (Safe House and Another Eden's Luci Fish) who, with a CEO job looming, is on a mission to rekindle her sense of adventure by seeking out a local treasure connected to her past. "But all is not as it seems," teases publisher AMC, "and players will have to choose how Adam responds as cracks begin to appear in Beth's fairy tale plans."

Cover image for YouTube video'The Magnificent Trufflepigs' Video Game | Official Trailer | AMC Games
The Magnificent Trufflepigs - Official Teaser.

What follows is a narrative-driven game of 'meditative' first-person exploration that sees players roaming the English countryside and using their metal detector, shovel, and trowel to unearth "treasures" of all shapes and sizes.

Beth will remain a presence throughout, and players can speak to her via walkie-talkie pr instant message, making narrative choices to learn more about her character and root out the truth.

You can get a taste of The Magnificent Trufflepigs laid-back action in the new teaser trailer above, and the full game is scheduled to arrive on Steam and Switch early this summer.