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Here's a big new dinosaur card from Hearthstone's next expansion

Raptorus applause.

Hearthstone's next big expansion Journey to Un'Goro launches next week, and Blizzard has passed along a new card from the set to take an early look at.

Un'Goro is a new Lost World-style set with a menagerie of extinct and mythical beasts to uncover. One of the most powerful cards in terms of attack and strength will be Tyrantus - a bloody great big dinosaur.

At 10-mana cost, Tyrantus earns his huge 12 attack, 12 health stats, and as a Legendary card gets something extra as well - a resistance to spells and Hero Powers.

Getting Tyrantus on the board early might take a while - although you could use a card like Y'Shaarj to speed things along.

Once played, as a beast Tyrantus can combo with Menagerie Warden to allow him to be quickly duplicated. You could then combo all of that with a Brann Bronzebeard to double him again.

Journey to Un'Goro goes live in the UK this Friday, 7th April - although will unlock a day earlier in North America.

The expansion introduces a fresh mechanic, Adapt, for bolstering minions with a number of upgrades. You choose one of three possible upgrades from a pool of 10, with effects such as adding Taunt, Windfury or summoning a sidekick minion for help.

Another change comes in the form of Quest cards, played like secrets, which require you to meet a set requirement during your game in order to unlock a powerful Legendary card.

Finally, the expansion introduces a new minion type: Elemental. Alongside murlocs, dragons, pirates and the like, elementals will apply fresh synergy possibilities to new and existing cards.

Journey to Un'Goro's 135-card expansion will arrive in April, and kick off the game's next annual rotation - the Year of the Mammoth.

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