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Hector: Badge of Carnage Ep2 details

Longer, more characters, new locations.

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Episode 2 of superb "not for kids" iPhone, iPad and PC point and click adventure game Hector: Badge of Carnage is a longer, better value for money game than its predecessor, its developer has said.

The first game, which launched earlier this year, was well-received by critics. Eurogamer's Hector review pointed at a 9/10.

Some, however, criticised it for ending abruptly.

As a result its creator, Northern Ireland indie developer Straandlooper Animation, in collaboration with Telltale Games, is making Episode 2 beefier.

"People were saying it seemed to end a little abruptly, it seemed a little bit short," art director Kevin Beimers told Eurogamer.

"Episodes 2 and 3, since we're now working with Telltale and we've got a more robust game engine we're working on, it's a little bit longer. We've tried to bulk out the puzzles and we've added a few more characters.

"We want to make sure the game experience is worth what you're paying for."

Hector is a hard-nosed, politically incorrect detective inspector with the Clapper's Wreake Police Service. In Episode 1 he is drafted in to deal with a terrorist hostage situation.

"Hector's going to carry on in his cantankerous old grumpy way," Beimers revealed of Episode 2. "Once he escapes from his current predicament he will spend the rest of the episode running around town chasing after the terrorist who has left minimal and circumstantial clues behind, but enough to generate enough leads to bring him through some of the more seedy areas of Clappers Wreake."

Straandlooper promises plenty of new characters and new locations.

"One particular favourite of mine is a beauty parlour that is also an army surplus store," Beimers said. "It's run by this gun-toting beautician. All of her specials have to do with combining say Jasmine and Cordite, cocoa butter and machine gun oil. She's a fun character."

Episode 2 is due out this autumn. Episode 3 will "probably" launch within a month after that.

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