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Hearthstone is getting an autobattler mode

Plus, Descent of Dragons expansion detailed.

Hearthstone is getting an eight-player autobattler mode named Hearthstone Battlegrounds, announced by Blizzard during this year's Blizzcon Opening Ceremony.

As with other autobattlers, you'll recruit monsters and send them into battle against your opponents until only one person remains. It's the first new mode for the game in a long time - and it comes after plenty of similar experiences elsewhere.

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Hearthstone's third and final expansion this year has also been named - it's called Descent of Dragons.

It'll feature lots of dragons, unsurprisingly, and wrap up the game's Year of the Dragon storyline which has been rumbling along all year.

This set will also feature a new keyword, Invoke, which lets you power up hulking dragon Galakrond - a beastie who will take over your hero portrait. (You'll get Galakrond for free when you log in when the set launches.)

Other cards include a new version of Ysera. Every class will get a new legendary dragon card.

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