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Hatsworth dev unveils Monster Tale

DS title combines platform, pet-raising.

Majesco has announced a DS game called Monster Tale, and Henry Hatsworth developer Dreamrift is at the helm.

Due December, Monster Tale explores the cause-and-effect relationship between a top-screen platform game a bottom-screen pet-raising game.

New hero Ellie [so that's where she's gone - Ed] traverses the perils of platforms to collect things for her monster friend Chomp to eat. Chomp sleeps on the bottom screen and grows in power as he eats. And he can be summoned by Ellie when she runs into considerable trouble above.

The pair on on a quest to reclaim the Monster World from someone evil maybe Anne Robinson.

Henry Hatsworth was based around a similar idea and combined puzzle and platform to good effect. Looked nice, too. Our Henry Hatsworth review sums it up.