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Hatoful Boyfriend sequel lands on PC, PS4, Vita this month

Peck up a copy.

Hatoful Boyfriend: Holiday Star will nest itself onto Steam, PlayStation 4 and PS Vita this month, priced £6.99.

The ornithological romance adventure is set to release for Steam on 15th December, and a week later on the 22nd December for PS4/Vita.

Series creator Hato Moa and developer Mediatonic are both once again on board for this new version of the game - the original Hatoful Boyfriend and Holiday Star first launched as a passion project for PC back in 2011.

"There was this one Christmas Eve I got really drunk at the Cheesecake Factory down at the mall and made love to a waitress in Santa's Workshop that's across from Banana Republic," said publisher Devolver Digital. "Anyway, buy Hatoful Boyfriend: Holiday Star."

There you have it.

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