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Harmonix signs publishing deal to make more mobile games

Partners with independent publisher Tilting Point.

Rock Band and Dance Central developer Harmonix has signed a deal with publisher Tilting Point to develop multiple mobile games.

Tilting Point is an independent publisher that's previously been responsible for publishing Signal Studios' The Sleeping Prince and Senri's mobile game Leo's Fortune.

According to Harmonix publicist Nick Chester, this publishing deal is "an opportunity for us to work with an amazing partner as we continue to develop and bring to market new and innovative music experiences. In short: great new music games for you to play."

"We've already begun development of our first title to be produced under the partnership - a music-influenced game designed for mobile platforms."

Harmonix has dabbled in mobile development before with its Temple Run-esque auto-runner Record Run and the music video making novelty VidRhythm.