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Halo Infinite finally getting some new story, but it's in a tie-in book

A novel idea.

A new novel based in the Halo universe is coming to stores on 9th August.

This book, which is called Halo: The Rubicon Protocol, will act as a prequel to Halo Infinite and tells of the six months before Master Chief wakes up and the game's campaign begins.

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It sounds like this will offer up some useful bits of background information for those who started Halo Infinite and found themselves a touch confused by what exactly was going on. While some of this history can be picked up in-game thanks to some well-placed audio logs, it could definitely be made clearer for players from the off.

That being said, 343's decision to add this new story content in the form of a book rather than as a DLC expansion for Halo Infinite has caused some fans to raise an eyebrow or two.

In fact, many have taken to Twitter to lament this missed opportunity for the developers to add some interesting, and much requested, DLC into the game itself.

"Kelly Gay [the author] is amazing, but this story should be used and be written for a DLC/expansion for Halo Infinite," wrote one user.

"Oh, you know what game needs a lot of DLC to fill in the stages of the attack on the infinity? Perhaps Halo Infinite so that you wouldn't need the villain monologing so long about how easy it was to attack," said another.

"Why do you guys put all the good stuff in the books?" asked yet another. "Like seriously, wtf, this type of stuff would have made Infinite's campaign amazing."

Others took to memes and gifs to share their disappointment at this new tie-in.

One fan expressed themselves through the medium of The Boys' Homelander, sharing a clip of the Supe looking more than a tad irritated by the turn of events (it's quite relatable).

Halo Infinite has had a rough ride since its launch at the end of last year. Multiplayer fans have consistently voiced their frustration over a number of issues - from a lack of content updates and a lacklustre seasonal battlepass offering, to ongoing concerns relating to the game's monetisation. And, of course, fans just want more content for the single-player campaign.

343 has pledged to improve matters on multiple occasions, however it doesn't seem that this latest book announcement has done any favours in winning back support.

Elsewhere, the campaign co-op beta for Halo Infinite has kicked off, with the real deal slated to come some time later this year.

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