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Halo 3 launches in UK

Celebs and fans battle it out.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Microsoft launched Halo 3 in the UK last night with a film-style premiere event at London's big old IMAX cinema.

Rather than celebrate the game's release by having people stand outside a shop at midnight, MS decided to roll out the red carpet and invite a handful of celebrities along to the event.

Popular music artist Pharrell Williams and olden days film star Christian Slater were both in attendance, greeting fans gathered outside the cinema in the rain. UK TV presenter Iain Lee hosted the show inside.

After some delays in ushering in the audience, comprised mostly of Halo fans, Williams came on stage to have a go at the game. He took on other celebrities based in locations around Europe - Carmen Electra joined from Paris, while LL Cool J was in Amsterdam.

Afterwards two teams of fans battled it out, each fighting to win copies of Halo 3 for the half of the audience they represented. Unfortunately there was confusion over which team was red and which blue and one player's controller failed partway through, leaving his team at something of a disadvantage.

But Microsoft saved the day by promising everyone a copy of the game after all. This cheered the audience up, especially since the event finished hours before the game went on sale to the public.

The event was followed by an invite-only after show party in Soho which was attended by Pharrell Williams, Caprice, Chanelle out of Big Brother, Chantelle out of Big Brother and Sarah out of Girls Aloud.

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