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Gunpoint and Heat Signature developer shows off fresh gameplay of Tactical Breach Wizards

Death by defenestration.

Gunpoint and Heat Signature developer Tom Francis has shown off fresh gameplay of Tactical Breach Wizards.

The turn-based tactics game revolves around wizards who wear modern-day tactical gear. Breaching and clearing rooms of enemies is the bulk of the gameplay, but there's an upgrade your wizards mechanic and a conspiracy plot to fuss over, too.

The video below sees Francis narrate seven minutes of new gameplay. I think Tactical Breach Wizards looks pretty good! There is some decent combo potential here, and, this being a Tom Francis game, plenty of defenestration.

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Francis just launched a closed beta for Tactical Breach Wizards. You can request access on Steam.

"The beta's ready now and we plan to let a small batch in first, to make sure our analytics stuff is working OK, then we'll open it up to about 1,000 testers," Francis said. The beta ends in about three weeks' time.

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