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Guardian Heroes 2 planned

Dependent on remake's success.

Treasure is planning a sequel to its classic scrolling action game Guardian Heroes, with the fate of a second full-blown game in the series dependent on the success of the forthcoming remake of the Saturn original.

"Originally, the project started as Guardian Heroes 2," Treasure's Hiroto Matsuura told Eurogamer, "The team that had been working on Sin & Punishment [last year's Wii sequel], after that project they wanted to start a new game."

"The project started as Guardian Heroes 2, but the publisher - that's SEGA - said in order to create a sequel, they wanted us to revitalize the IP. So instead of starting on the sequel we made a remake."

While Guardian Heroes 2's production is dependent on the sales of the Xbox Live Arcade remake, Matsuura was happy to give a taste of what to expect from a contemporary sequel.

"The original core game mechanics is a 2D, layer-based game," he said, "and that's what we like about it. We may create characters and backgrounds in 3D, but the core mechanics will be the same."

Guardian Heroes was one of the SEGA Saturn's most critically revered titles, and the remake is being handled solely by Matsuura-san.

Treasure has been making the most of its back catalogue, with a remake of Radiant Silvergun hitting Xbox Live this week, with Guardian Heroes scheduled to launch in October.