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GripShift hits PS3 Store

With another PSone game.

Sony bolstered the ranks of games flashing about its American PlayStation 3 Store overnight, giving those of you with import consoles and, er, import credit cards the chance to try the PS3 version of PSP puzzle-racer GripShift.

Not only that, but there's another PSone game for those of you who enjoy downloading them and running off to play them on the PSP. This time it's Jumping Flash, which goes for US$ 5.99. GripShift costs US$ 9.99.

Incidentally, our attempts to confirm the addition of the new games to the PS3 Store failed because I've moved house and my shiny PS3 can't reach the wireless access point from here. It's the only thing that can't, you know. Grumble.

No I can't move it closer. Git.