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Grease game detailed, dated

Well-a well-a never.

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505 Games' interpretation of hit musical Grease is coming to Wii and DS this September.

Using a combination of microphone and balance board, teams of up to four battle for Rydell High School supremacy across a variety of singing and dancing mini-games.

There's hand-jiving, Thunder Road and carnivals, plus all the popular faces like Rizzo and Kenickie and Danny and Sandy to play as. The 16 songs, worryingly, are referred to as "memorable song compositions".

The DS version revolves around retracing Danny's and Sandy's dance steps. Brilliantly, you can upload your face to stick on top of your favourite character, should you so choose.

"Grease: The Game is not just a game for parties; it's a game that's an excuse for a party!"

Who knew?

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