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Grasshopper unveils Diabolical Pitch

Kinect project Codename D gets name.

Grasshopper has given its Kinect project Codename D a title, and revealed it as a typically eccentric Xbox Live Arcade game.

Unveiled at Grasshopper's conference at the Tokyo Game Show - or, in the developer's own parlance, the Grasshopper Cocktail Party - the game is an amped-take on baseball, with the player pitching balls to dispose of hordes of enemies.

Players can also swing their bats to dispose of enemies, who are often seen sporting mascot-like outfits.

A two player mode also features, with the ability to pick up downed partners glimpsed. Brilliantly, touching fists with your partner powers up a fireball which can then tear through the crowd.

Diabolical Pitch rounds up an extensive and diverse line-up from Grasshopper Manufacture, who are also producing Black Knight Sword and Sine Mora in collaboration with Hungarian outfit Digital Reality.

The game was touted by Microsoft Japan's Richard Newman as an example of a core Kinect game, and has been in development for over a year.

It'll be hitting Xbox Live at an undisclosed date later this year.