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Gradius III on US VC

Along with two others.

Don't like Mondays? Then perhaps you should get an American Wii and start staying up all night waiting for Virtual Console updates. Then you really won't like them.

If you did do that though (and who would?) you'd have discovered Gradius III for the SNES headlining this week's additions, giving you the chance to spend 800 Wii points on a trusty old shoot-'em-up favourite.

The other options are Wonder Boy in Monster World (Megadrive, 800 points) and Battle Lode Runner (TurboGrafx-16, 600 points). Both are platformers of sorts, although quite different - Wonder Boy is the second in the 16-bit series, mixing RPG elements into the standard run-and-jump, while Lode Runner's an upgraded version of the game you might remember, featuring a level editor on top of 5-player support.

Perhaps they're a portent of what's to come this Friday when we get our next round of European content. Or perhaps they're not. That's what it's like in the crazy world of Virtual Console! And we hate Tuesdays too.