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Google Reader made to fit Wii

Make the Internet come to you.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Google has launched a version of its Reader product specifically designed to work through the Wii's web browser.

Accessible at, the Wii Reader is an aggregator that allows users to check in with the RSS and Atom feeds they use to keep track of updates on websites. Like this one.

The Wii version works in much the same way as the PC one, and you can import existing subscriptions too, with the main change being how the controls work - allowing you to flick easily between subscriptions and items, and collapse and expand folders at the touch of a button.

No idea what we're on about? Then head over to the Google Reader Wii page and watch the little demonstration video where engineer Chris Wetherell explains. It's "an inbox for the web", you see. "You don't have to go to this site or that site or the other site to find out when something's updated - in Google Reader it all comes into you and you get to read it whenever you want."

He hopes you like it. We like it fine, although we tend to use Bloglines on the PC, because it sounds a bit like "Bloglions". For serious.

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