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Google hires LucasArts, DreamWorks veteran as Chief Game Designer

Co-designed Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis.

Search giant Google has hired games industry veteran Noah Falstein to be its new Chief Game Designer.

I'm sure you could squeeze the original Monkey Island onto that thing.

Falstein's CV includes spells at DreamWorks Interactive and the 3DO Company, but he is probably best known as being one of the first 10 employees at LucasArts (then Lucasfilm Games).

It was there that he worked on DOS adventures Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade and its follow-up The Fate of Atlantis.

So what's Falstein doing at Google? TechCrunch reckons Falstein's hiring suggests a significant new gaming project is in the works for its Android platform.

Falstein's recent work has been based on "Serious Games" - a concept he defines as "using games, game technology, or game industry techniques for a purpose other than pure entertainment".

Google already owns Niantic Labs, the creators of augmented reality Android MMO Ingress. Perhaps an expanded version is being created for the company's futuristic headset Google Glass?