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Google Glass is being removed from sale

Research will continue under a new division.

Google will no longer be selling Google Glass in its current form.

Maybe mankind just wasn't ready to look this foolish.

As reported by the BBC, Google is terminating the Explorer programme, which gave software developers the chance to buy Google's wearable computing device for $1500.

Google maintains that it will continue research on "future versions of Glass," but will be moving the research out of its Google X division and offered no estimate when we can expect to see a new model.

Google Glass's current manager Ivy Ross, who comes from the fashion industry, will now be reporting under Tony Fadell, an ex-Apple designer and owner of the smart thermostat firm Nest, who will oversee the future of Google Glass.

Google Glass has seen a lot of backlash in recent times as numerous restaurants have banned the wearable device due to privacy concerns.

BBC technology correspondent Rory Cellan-Jones noted that he was one of about two people wearing Google Glass at CES in Las Vegas this year. "It was the least cool thing you could possibly do," he said of the tech. "My friends, my wife, my children thought I looked an idiot. That's what a lot of people found."