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GOG.com opens to the public

Classic, cheap, DRM-free PC games.

GOG.com (Good Old Games) has entered public beta, offering lots of PC games from yesteryear for download.

There's the Fallout games, for starters, plus Earthworm Jim, Freespace, Gothic and more. And they're all DRM-free, so you can put them on your iPod. [No you can't. - Ed]

They also work on Vista, unlike Vista itself, and are quite reasonably priced: most are around USD 5.99 (GBP 3.80). The poor old pound.

Everything, promises GOG, should be quick and easy, and there's even a "classy" community to become part of. We've heard that before.

Head over to the GOG.com website to find out more, and maybe fill in your PC history a bit while doing so.