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GOG reinstates Blade Runner: ScummVM edition following fan outcry

It's not an easy thing to meet your maker.

Blade Runner screenshot
Image credit: GOG.com

GOG has reinstated Blade Runner: ScummVM edition following a fan outcry.

Last month, Nightdive Studios released its critically-panned remaster of Westwood Studios' classic point-and-click adventure, delisting the popular fan-made effort in the process.

While buying the Enhanced Edition from GOG also got you the original version, fans slammed the troubled remaster in user reviews, giving it an overall rating of 1.5 stars out of five.

Cover image for YouTube videoBlade Runner | Intro [GOG]
The Blade Runner intro from the ScummVM edition of the game.

"The decision to handle the release on GOG this way, in what we feel offers the greatest value for fans of this game, was made with input from multiple parties,” GOG said at the time.

Meanwhile, on Steam, where the new Blade Runner release had receive a similar mauling from fans, Nightdive responded by including the classic version with the Enhanced Edition.

Nightdive's remaster was announced back in March 2020, but the project appeared to be on a permanent hiatus after the studio told Eurogamer it was struggling to overcome certain "obstacles".

It was a bit of a surprise, then, when Nightdive's long-awaited Enhanced Edition of Blade Runner resurfaced earlier this month with a 23rd June release date, but perhaps less of a surprise, given its history, when the remaster launched to less-than-stellar reviews.

Developers of the ScummVM Edition of Blade Runner reacted positively to its return to GOG.

Meanwhile, Nightdive has said it's working on a patch for its version of Blade Runner.