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GOG launches money-back guarantee for technical issues

A "declaration of trust" in games and gamers.

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Downloaded a game and can't get it to run? Digital distributor has introduced a money-back guarantee for its entire catalogue.

You'll be able to claim a full refund on any title for which your PC meets minimum requirements but can't - for whatever reason - properly play the game.

The guarantee will last up to 30 days from the game's initial purchase.

You'll need to fill in a support ticket first in's support section - but if the site's technical advisors still can't help then a refund will be granted.

"'s new policy is actually a declaration of trust in both its games and its gamers," the company stated. " trusts the games that it sells: they do their very best to only select high-quality games and, whenever possible, tests them extensively to make sure that they're in top working order

"There's also some trust in their users involved, since the very nature of DRM-free gaming means that they can't 'de-activate' any games that the user reports as broken."

The policy goes live today and extends to games bought at any point over the past 30 days.

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