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God of War mod will add playable Atreus

Boy, this looks good!

A new mod for God of War is currently in the works to allow users to play as Atreus, rather than his hulking warrior father Kratos.

The mod in question comes from Speclizer, who is famous for their boundary breaking videos of games such as The Last of Us Part 2. Their latest video, however, shows young Atreus being an even more adept fighter than usual, as he takes on Baldur, the fire troll Brenna Doudi and more. You check it out for yourself below.

In its current state, the mod is still not ready to be released. Speclizer says: "at the moment it is clearly not the smoothest experience. I still need to put a lot more work into the mod to get it to a stage where it works flawlessly".

The being said, it still looks pretty great!

Yes, Atreus does move about the screen as though he is gliding on a pair of ice skates, and at one point it does look as though Kratos crushes his son under a massive boulder. But there is no denying the amount of skill and attention that has gone into the mod already.

If this is just the beginning of Speclizer's work, the finished result is bound to be incredible.

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