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Stick It To The Man spiritual successor Flipping Death is out in August

UPDATE: Coming to PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Switch next week.

UPDATE 1/8/18: Developer Zoink has swung its scythe and felled all remaining obstacles standing in the way of announcing a release date for its Stick It To The Man spiritual successor, Flipping Death.

The ghoulish comedy adventure will, says Zoink, be heading to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, and Switch next week on Tuesday, August 7th. Stick It To The Man was an unexpected delight, so I've high hopes for its jovially macabre follow-up. Trailer!

Cover image for YouTube videoFlipping Death Announcement Trailer

ORIGINAL STORY 26/4/18: Developer Zoink has announced that its ghoulish comedy adventure, and Stick It To The Man spiritual successor, Flipping Death will launch on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, and Switch this August.

Anyone that's had the pleasure of Zoink's enormously enjoyable Stick It To The Man should immediately spot the parallels with Flipping Death. Not only does it sport a similar cardboard cutout aesthetic, it looks to offer a broadly similar style of play, combining simple 2D platforming with streamlined point-and-click-esque puzzling.

In Flipping Death, you take on the role of Penny, a poor unfortunate soul who wakes from an untimely end to discover that she's somehow been given the job of Grim Reaper - and gained a range of handy paranormal powers in the process.

As in Stick It To The Man, you're able to snoop for clues by reading the minds of other characters during your quest to solve the mystery of your demise; however, you're also able to take control of their bodies, and switch between the lands of the living and the dead at will.

Although Stick It To The Man's simplistic action was entertaining enough, the real highlight was its hilarious script and sublime presentation - and Flipping Death looks equally surefooted in that regard. It's wonderfully voiced and animated, for starters, and additionally sees the return of the splendidly talented Ryan North on writing duties.

Flipping Death will be available digitally on all platforms when it releases in August, and is set to receive a physical release on PS4 and Switch, courtesy of Rising Star Games.