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Ghostbusters game next year?

Dan Aykroyd reckons so.

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Comic actor and, these days, professional tequila hawk Dan Aykroyd has dropped hints about a new Ghostbusters game due out in 2008.

Speaking to the Edmonton Sun about how rubbish driving in the snow is, among other things, Akyroyd noted: "Universal purchased the rights from Sony for a [Ghostbusters] game."

"I'm actually going to have to perform and do some motion capture for them. That will be next year." Aykroyd played the role of Ray Stantz in the film.

And his admission is particularly interesting since it comes just weeks after those YouTube videos of a mocked up Xbox 360 Ghostbusters game, made by European developer ZootFly.

At the time, ZootFly said it wasn't able to take things any further because it couldn't get official gamey control of the Ghostbusters property.

Quite who's involved now remains to be confirmed, however, particularly as Vivendi - the videogame arm of Universal - has dismissed the report as a rumour and declined to comment.

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