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Ghost Recon Predator/Wii unveiled

"Run! Get to the chopper!"

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Ubisoft has unveiled PSP exclusive game Ghost Recon Predator and Wii exclusive game Ghost Recon Wii.

The latter is based around two friends co-operating on one Wii. Your duet are soldiers Hibbard and Booth, and the odds will be stacked against you. You'll battle through Moscow and Norway across 12 missions, encountering what we hope will be hilariously rubbish European accents.

Adding to that will be a co-op arcade mode where scores can be accumulated and compared.

Ghost Recon Predator, meanwhile, takes the fight to the jungles of Sri Lanka to pave the way for a US invasion.

There'll be co-op for up to three people, plus the usual series hallmarks of character swapping, third-person cover, customisable weaponry and high-tech gadgetry.

Both games are due out this November.

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