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Ghost cars may soon become a reality

Jaguar working on tech that brings a video game staple to real-life.

Jaguar is currently working on technology that projects a ghost car in front of drivers, allowing them to navigate busy roads without having to refer to street signs.

It's not the first time there's been crossover between the video game world and the automotive one, of course - Polyphony, creator of Gran Turismo, famously had a hand in designing the interface of the Nissan GT-R - and it's not the first time that car manufacturers have looked to video games for inspiration either. Jaguar has previous here - earlier this year it revealed a video of its Virtual Windscreen concept that included the projection of a racing line highlighting optimum braking and turn-in points that may be of interest to track day enthusiasts.

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The latest offshoot of the Virtual Windscreen, as highlighted in another video picked up by Jalopnik, takes its cues from another staple of the racing game world, the ghost car.

The new video shows how blind-spots in a car could be eliminated as externally-captured images are projected on to the car's pillars - and how a ghost car could be projected, acting as a GPS marker of sorts that helps guide drivers to their destination.

It's pretty impressive tech, and makes for a safe alternative to existing GPS systems. So what's next to be lifted from the world of virtual racing? Maybe it's about time Jaguar got to work on a real-life Blue Shell that can quickly dispose of those at the head of traffic jam who are slow off the lights.

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