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Long read: The beauty and drama of video games and their clouds

"It's a little bit hard to work out without knowing the altitude of that dragon..."

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GeoGuessr is a brilliant, educational Google Maps-based game

Think Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego where you're Carmen Sandiego.

You've been kidnapped. Knocked out and set in a trunk to wake up in a dimly lit underground bunker. You somehow break free from your captors and stumble outside. Taking a look around, you realise you could be anywhere. You scour the landscape for clues: the language of the street signs, the flora, the architecture. Where in the world could you be?!

Now I know how the crew on Star Trek feels getting beamed about willy-nilly.

This is not the story of Anton Wallén's GeoGuessr but I like to pretend it is. GeoGuessr, you see, doesn't have a story, but its ingenious premise is so addictive that it doesn't need one - or you form your own like me.

Here's how it works: GeoGuessr plops you down in some random location from Google Earth's street view. From there you can look around and explore a few blocks before you inevitable become bored of the service's slow, cumbersome navigation and must then hazard a guess as to where you are by placing a marker on the world map. This goes on for five round and by the end of it, you're given a score that you can share with friends, because we're competitive, social creatures like that.

Of course if you're like me you won't share your score because you're awful at determining random real-world locales, but it's a humbling sort of humiliation when you realise what you thought was Africa was really Australia and that expansive river that brought South America to mind was actually Norway. Whoops!

Wallén' noted on the official GeoGuessr Twitter that he's working on competitive play with same locations, so people can compete on a more fair playing field. He's also planning to add a "return to start" button for those rounds when you begin thinking South Africa is Nebraska.

Go ahead, give GeoGuessr a go and realise just how little you know about this crazy spinning sphere we all share.

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