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GDC: AmBX for Second Life

Let yourself go deeper.

Philips confirmed at GDC today its amBX gear will now work with virtual world Second Life.

As well as using its cutting edge technology to add another layer of immersion, Philips will also create open-source tools for the "Lifers" to tailor their own amBX sensory bombardment.

The firm hopes this will expand its "ambient intelligence technology" dream across the four million-strong Second Life population, as it continues to add publisher and game support in preparation for the commercial launch of amBX.

"Second Life offers amBX an unparalleled opportunity to bring our revolutionary ambient intelligence technology to an expanding global market of many millions of tech and media savvy users who are not only hungry, but also open-minded for new online experiences," said Jo Cooke, chief marketing officer for Philips amBX.

Partners to the amBX cause include Codemasters, THQ, Kuju, Introversion, Gas Powered Games, Revolution and Sumo Digital.

Eurogamer is currently offering you the chance to get your hands on US$ 399 of amBX kit, so head on over to our competition to take part.

You can find out more about Second Life on the game's website.