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GC: Over 185,000 visit Leipzig

Games show is a hit.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

The organisers of the Leipzig Games Convention have announced that last week's show was a success, with more than 185,000 people visiting over the course of four days.

More than 50 per cent of visitors were over 20 years old and a fifth of those attending were women. Apparently 45 per cent of visitors were casual gamers, but it's not clear if this is how they'd describe themselves or whether they just counted the people standing round the Bejeweled stand.

A total of 503 exhibitors displayed their wares at the event and 91 per cent said they'll be back again next year. Sadly though figures have not yet been given for how much bigger their plasma screens will be whether they can get the techno to go any louder.

What's more, there were 3300 journalists at the Leipzig GC, of which 91 per cent kept moaning about not having had time to play BioShock yet (disclosure: Tom and Kris have finished it, I played Burnout instead). The remaining 9 per cent were busy trying to blag one of the nice looking record bags out of SEGA.

During the show Ellie and Tom saw approximately 43,594 videogames and drank 32 beers (exclusive of mini-bar). Pat had a schnitzel.

Highlights of this year's event included a skateboarding demo by Tony Hawk (who Eurogamer got to interview - coming soon) and a woman wandering round wearing nothing but blue paint. Not to mention the head of Sony Germany performing a SingStar track alongside ageing rock band Die Toten Hosen, which we're told translates as The Whole Trousers.

Next year's Leipzig Games Convention will take place from August 20 - 24.

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