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GC: Buzz PS3 unveiled

The world is your quiz.

Sony has unveiled the next-generation of Buzz! quiz games in its Games Convention 2007 conference.

Dubbed Buzz! Quiz TV, its main attraction will be the integration of the PlayStation Network, effectively opening the game up to you lot, the community.

So, you'll be able to play people from all over the world rather than your slightly-too-clever flatmate, on your own, or in teams - just like on Family Fortunes.

The Network will also open up limitless content for you to download and expand your game with. We're told the closest comparison is to imagine the previous PS2 suite of games all rolled in to one gigantic offering, and you'll be able to break it up into themed-chunks or any way you like.

And when you get the point you feel you are the best and most knowledgeable person around, then you can write, upload, and share your own content. Yours and everyone else's questions will be available on community site MyBuzz, which will link directly to the game and by playable in the Buzz Studio area. You can do it all on your PC, too, before transferring it through your console.

What it all means is that the questions will never dry up, essentially meaning developer Relentless will never have to make another Buzz game to house new questions. Lazy! Oops, they'll get me. Better talk about next-generation graphics, lovely audio, new games, modes, better jokes from Buzz, high-definition Rose. And a new style wireless buzzer? No news just yet.

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