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Xbox Live and PS Plus subs now used to calculate UK inflation

Along with Spotify, e-cigarettes and craft beer.

Games console subscriptions such as Xbox Live Gold and PlayStation Plus will now be included in the UK government's consumer price index, a ranking of commonly-used goods and services collated to determine the impact of inflation.

"Online console computer games subscriptions" are among 13 new additions to the 2015 CPI list.

Both Xbox Live Gold and PlayStation Plus cost £40 for 12 months. Both are required for multiplayer gaming on Xbox One and PS4 respectively.

Other new items include subscriptions to music-streaming services such as Spotify, plus headphones and mobile phone chargers.

"As in most years, developments in technology influence the basket updates and in 2015 two products have been introduced that can be seen as reflecting evolving trends towards online services," the Office for National Statistics said.

"Firstly, games consoles online subscriptions have been introduced to represent the growing market for online gaming. Similarly, music streaming subscriptions have been included to capture price changes in this sector as it becomes a more popular way to listen to music."

Game consoles online subscriptions falls into the "Recreational and Cultural Services" category.

The rise in popularity of e-cigarettes has been reflected in their inclusion for the first time, along with other popular vices - craft beer, protein powders and sweet potatoes.

There are currently 703 items that make up the CPI basket of goods and services. Eight items are being removed from the list the year, such as sat-navs and yoghurt drinks (sorry, Yakult).

The ONS checks around 110,000 prices each month from 20,000 shops and 70,000 prices online to determine how the rate of inflation is affecting consumer spending habits.

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