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GameTribe offers UK free MMOs

Three new games in October.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Online gaming hub is going to bring free MMO games to the UK, has revealed.

These are MMORPG Dream of Mirror Online, which already boasts a fanatical following in Taiwan; street football game Kicks, which has 450,000 Korean users of its own; and platformer KongKong.

"We're excited to bring these acclaimed MMO games to Europe," said Faisal Ahmed, UK marketing chap and former Playboy exec.

"Combined with GameTribe's expertise in games, we'll be providing the best service to European gamers," he said.

All of the games will be free to play, and there will be contextual items to splash real cash on to customise your experience. entered its beta phase today, with the full service expected to launch in October.

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