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GameStick release delayed to mid-August but final units shown

A bit longer until you say, "I Android that."

The launch of pocket-sized Android gaming console GameStick has been pushed back another month to mid-August in order to accommodate Kickstarter backers who pledged $300 or more to have their say on the device's UI. It took a bit longer to get the UI review units out to them so their feedback hasn't come in yet.

"We appreciate that this will frustrate backers keen to get their hands on their device but we did not feel it was fair to bypass this step as it was a key pledge and the feedback will be really welcome," wrote the GameStick team on Kickstarter.

"We now expect to ship product from China during early August and expect it to be with you by the middle of the month, prior to units launching in retail."

The silver lining was GameStick stumping up some pictures of the now finalised devices rolling off the production lines. There's even one sporting a special Kickstarter theme.

A picture of the GameStick UI was also shared and seems to be in keeping with something you'd see on Xbox.

GameStick's going for £80 at GAME.