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The boy who wants to save Turok.

When Disney binned a sequel to 2008 game Turok and closed developer Propaganda Games, did you really care? When Disney turned off the Turok multiplayer servers, did you really care?


Fossil refuelled.

You can tell a lot about a game by its subtitle. Take the Turok series of dinosaur-themed shooters, inspired by the adventure comics of the same name. First there was Dinosaur Hunter: blunt, functional, dynamic and serious. It told you everything you needed to know about this punchy, atmospheric jungle FPS, a Nintendo 64 launch title. Then came Seeds of Evil and Shadow of Oblivion: epic, suggestive, but ultimately insubstantial. They sounded exciting but dissolved into nothing more than meaningless internal rhymes if you thought about them too hard, just as the two sequels lost their way in a maelstrom of nonsensical plotting and overwrought gore.


Propaganda Games talks up the revamp.

The last time we saw Turok... In fact, let's just leave that alone. The latest stab at dino-shooting comes from Vancouver-based Propaganda Games and publisher Disney Interactive, and transplants the action to a far-away world where dinosaurs are only half the trouble. With the game nearing the end of development, we caught up with Propaganda co-founder and studio manager Josh Holmes and game director Joel Manners to talk about their plans.