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Torchlight 2 review

A night to re-ember.

Video5 minutes of Torchlight 2 beta gameplay

PC role-player's Beserker class set loose.

VideoTorchlight 2 opening cinematic released

Runic sets the scene for action RPG sequel.

VideoTorchlight 2 pets revealed

Runic unveils action RPG companions.

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The Mapworks is the heart of Torchlight 2. In many ways it feels like the heart of so much that is great in video games in general. You spawn at the portal and then you walk out, along a narrow golden bridge, to a magical clockwork escapement suspended in the void. I can imagine what the floor feels like here: the glossiness of the crystal and polished metal, and that hum coming up through your feet that suggests vast energies twisting and churning beneath you. The Mapworks is where you get to once Torchlight 2 is all but done, but it's also where you realise that Torchlight 2 is just beginning, and that it never has to end if you don't want it to. The campaign is over, and here, in this stately firmament, you can buy an endless supply of procedurally-generated maps that will take you to an endless stretch of procedurally-generated dungeons.

Torchlight 2 surpasses two million sales

Torchlight 2 has shot past two million sales since its launch last September, developer Runic has announced via Twitter.

Achieving this in 10 months is rather impressive given that the game is only on PC. Comparatively, the first Torchlight took about eight months to sell one million copies between its collective PC, Mac and XBLA versions.

Sadly, no console version of Torchlight 2 has been announced, but a Mac release is planned.

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Feature"A bone wall that sheds half-skeletons is just cool": Meet the man behind Torchlight 2's most ambitious mod

SynergiesMOD offers new classes, more monsters, and plenty of end-game brutality.

I didn't really notice Bring Out Your Dead on my first few playthroughs of Torchlight 2. It's a side-quest tucked snugly into the game's first act, and it's typically pulpy stuff. Meet a shady character near Skull Hollow, chat for a bit, and then head deep inside the catacombs of the Bone Gallery to fight Mordrox, a giant zombie troll.

Torchlight 2 sells one million copies

Action role-playing game Torchlight 2 has sold one million copies, Seattle-based developer Runic Games has announced.

Torchlight 2 launched in September 2012 to critical acclaim and is seen as an excellent alternative to Blizzard's Diablo 3, which launched earlier last year, in May.

“We had an amazing 2012,” read a tweet from Runic Games, “and proud to say that Torchlight 2 has sold over one million units! Thank you!”

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FeatureWould you like any side quests with that?

For Borderlands 2 and Torchlight 2, the greatest adventures often lie outside of the campaign.

This autumn is passing in a wonderful swirl of loot and of levelling. Divided between Torchlight 2 and Borderlands 2, I'm picking over weapon drops, sifting my inventory, and assigning skill points and ember chips from rosy dawn to misty dusk.

Torchlight 2 review

Torchlight 2 review

A night to re-ember.

About an hour into Torchlight 2 I'd already hit Level 8, and that was a pretty nice state of affairs. What was even better was that I'd been invited to visit Plunder Cove by a ghostly ferryman type in order to smack around some undead sailors who had done him a wrong'un.

I won't tell you exactly what I found in Plunder Cove, even though I'm absolutely dying to. It's one of my favourite moments of this gaming year, and you deserve to discover it for yourself. What I will say, though, is that the name of the place had me won over even before I'd seen the misty underground lagoon itself with its giant crabs and its shimmering wraiths. Plunder Cove: you bet I want to go there. Actually, why do games ever send you anywhere else?

Torchlight 2 is fairly riddled with improvements - new classes, new skills, six-player online co-op, a much larger game world, pets that can come back from the shops carrying groceries - but the thing I really love about it is the atmosphere it conjures up. Runic's sequel has the rich, oily colours and wispy smoke trails of a battered pulp paperback cover, and its dungeons are filled with tentacles, coal-driven robots and skeletons who have-at-you with the very sword that once skewered them to a wall.

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Torchlight 2 release date finally pinned down

Dungeon-crawling sequel Torchlight 2 will arrive for PC on 20th September 2012, developer Runic Games has announced.

"I don't think there's much else I could say that would interest you right now, so - the official release date for Torchlight 2 is Thursday, September 20th, 2012. Three weeks away!", Runic president Travis Baldree wrote on the official Torchlight 2 blog.

"We'll announce it 'more' officially and bigger tomorrow. You know first! Thank all of you for being an awesome and patient community. We look forward to getting this into your hands!"

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Torchlight 2 Preview: The Devil's Work

FeatureTorchlight 2 Preview: The Devil's Work

As Diablo enthrals, another dungeon crawler waits in the shadows.

This is ridiculous. I must've pressed the wrong button somewhere, selected the wrong option, because every time I step into the Torchlight 2 beta my experience is less akin to a game and more like an orgy of destruction, spiralling further and further out of my control until everything becomes a bloody mist of damage numbers and body parts. I feel like Caligula with a carving knife. I hope that's not my own voice I sometimes hear cackling.

The numbers just keep getting larger. All the stats increase, the body counts rise, the monsters enlarge, the percentages double and the sheer magnitude of the powers at my fingertips is only matched by the volume of the things I have to fight. And it never ends. And I never want it to, either, until I glance at the clock and, once again, see how many more hours of my life I've lost. Playing Torchlight 2 is like being drip-fed a powerful, soothing and hypnotic drug in ever-greater quantities.

That's not to say it's bad. Not at all. The game does one thing and it does that one thing very well indeed - that thing being hurling stuff at you to slaughter, carefully metering this carnage with rewards of commensurate size. Every other monster is a self-propelled piñata just waiting to gift you gold, a shinier shield, a deadlier dagger or a slightly sleeker pair of pants. (Although saying that, right now one of my characters has the most astounding pair of mechanical pants that I can't ever imagine trading in. I try to show off my pants to other players in the beta, but they never seem to want to stick around).

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Torchlight 2 companion pets announced, trailered

Torchlight 2 companion pets announced, trailered

"Kittehs are now up in your Torchlight 2, carryin' yer lootz."

Torchlight 2 developer Runic Games has finally revealed which pets your character will be able to enlist in its forthcoming action RPG sequel.

As detailed on the game's official site, the following critters will be available:

The ferret: "Don't be fooled by his size, the clever ferret is as fierce as a honey badger. With goggles."

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Torchlight 2 dev shrugs off Diablo 3 release date

Torchlight 2 dev shrugs off Diablo 3 release date

"We believe the best business model is to do what you love."

Torchlight 2 developer Runic Games has shrugged off concerns that the announcement of a Diablo 3 release date could spell trouble for its game, which takes clear inspiration from Blizzard's action RPG.

A statement on its official website over the weekend offered the Diablo 3 team congratulations on last week's release date reveal, then added that it has faith fans will still want to check it out its sequel as well.

"We know a lot of you are worried about us. We've heard what you're saying, and sure we've had similar discussions," read the post.

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Torchlight 2 delayed until 2012

Runic needs more time, knows you're busy anyway.

Oft-delayed action RPG Torchlight 2 will not be ready before the end of 2011 as originally hoped, developer Runic Games has announced.

Torchlight 2 priced at $19.99

Final character class revealed.

Action RPG sequel Torchlight 2 will set you back your local equivalent of $19.99 when it launches later this year, developer Runic Games has announced.

Torchlight 2 is too big for XBLA

Runic on classes, co-op, pets and the MMO.

UPDATE: Runic has clarified via its Twitter feed that it's the XBLA memory limit that's the problem, not the file size restriction.

Runic: Diablo DRM vital for auction house

Torchlight 2 won't follow Blizzard's lead.

Blizzard's controversial decision to demand Diablo 3 users have a persistent online connection isn't necessarily there to combat piracy, believes Torchlight 2 developer Runic Games. It could in fact be a vital measure in ensuring the security of the game's new real-money auction house.

Torchlight blazes past 1 million sales

Torchlight blazes past 1 million sales

Not bad for Runic's first attempt.

Torchlight has broken one million sales combined across PC, Mac and Xbox Live Arcade.

Runic Games released Torchlight on PC in October 2009, and on Xbox Live Arcade in March 2011.

It was the first game from the studio that formed out of Hellgate developer Flagship's ashes.

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Diablo III team "love" Torchlight

Blizzard hails hit look-alike RPG.

It's been an awfully long wait for Diablo fans since the second entry in the beloved action RPG series saw the light of day in 2000. But for many, the thumb-twiddling has been made easier to bear by Torchlight, Runic Games affectionate riff on Blizzard's classic beast-slaying formula.

Torchlight XBLA better than on PC?

Runic Games details meaty changes.

Torchlight is set to arrive on Xbox Live Arcade either next month or the month after that, but when it does there will be changes, developer Runic has said.

Runic reveals Torchlight sequel

Runic reveals Torchlight sequel

Has co-op, due spring 2011.

Runic Games has revealed Torchlight II, a sequel to last year's acclaimed Diablo-like action RPG.

This will be available as a digital download only in spring 2011.

Co-op is the biggest new feature. This uses a peer-to-peer system to hook friends up in endless randomised outdoor and indoor areas. There's no mention of the co-op player limit.

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