Tequila Works conjures a powerful spell from seemingly familiar elements.

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25th May 2017

Rime review

Rime finally has a Nintendo Switch release date

Rime finally has a Nintendo Switch release date: 17th November 2017.

Tequila Works' puzzle adventure game costs £29.99 on the eShop, with a special physical edition priced £39.99. The physical edition includes the full game, a download code and the original score.

Rime came out on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in May. Our Christian Donlan recommended it, saying "Tequila Works conjures a powerful spell from seemingly familiar elements" in Eurogamer's Rime review.

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Tequila Works opens up about turbulent development of Rime

"We knew we had to deliver or we were f****d."

Small Spanish studio Tequila Works has opened up about the turbulent development of emotive exploration game Rime. It was a game announced with a bang as a PlayStation 4 exclusive in 2013, but it dropped exclusivity - dropped off the radar - and didn't materialise until May this year.

Rime review

RecommendedRime review

An atlas of remote islands.

Out of nowhere, I was getting attacked by a bird. A giant bird, with a sharp, bony face and huge talons. A monster that would screech down out of the sky and grab me if I spent too long in the open air. I had a problem with this bird already. Seconds ago, when we first met, this bird had stolen a large golden sphere that I was using as part of a machine that allowed me to shift the sun and moon around in the sky. Without the sphere grinding around in its neat orbital track, I could not control the heavens - and, by extension, the magical shadows the heavens cast on the magical wall of the magical castle I was visiting. Most things are either keys or locks in Rime, but why take the delight out of it? What keys! What locks!

Pursued by the bird, I found myself in a vast stretch of land dominated by three towers. A glyph explained that these towers were weapons for zapping the bird with electricity, and so, spending as little time in the open as possible, I worked my way through each of the towers in turn, collecting keys that would open their front doors - one for the first tower, two for the second - and then coaxing the ancient machinery back to life, one ingenious, playful puzzle at a time.

It was a wonderful dance of ritual and surprise, of expectations confounded and confirmed. Each tower did what I was expecting it to do, but each worked its predictable magic in a way that I had not foreseen. And each tower did all this by operating on a truly massive scale: huge pieces of masonry shook and crumbled, vast shifts in the landscape occurred as I worked. And yet, the question - why did the sky grow darker with every advance I made?

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Rime has seen more than its fair share of reversals: an open world platform-puzzler from Tequila Works set on a deserted tropical island, it was originally pitched as an Xbox One exclusive, then scooped up as one of PS4's headline indie titles, only to be cast adrift a couple of years later. Save for a slightly rocky frame-rate on Xbox One, however, it's shaping up rather well. As the game begins, your character, a mop-headed youth in rags, awakens on a balmy shore studded with enormous marble ruins. Wandering along the beach past milling gulls and fretful crabs, you discover an inlet leading to a wooded dell. At its centre, the curiously lifelike statue of a fox.

Watch 27 minutes of Rime gameplay

Formerly PS4-exclusive adventure Rime was recently re-revealed as a multiplatform affair and now IGN has revealed what it's actually like to play in the following 27-minute video.

The strikingly animated game by Deadlight developer Tequila Works may resemble Studio Ghibli's aesthetic or The Witness' abstract island setting, but the emphasis on linear (at least in its opening stages) puzzles and third-person platforming suggests something closer to Ico.

There doesn't appear to be any combat in Rime, so don't go in expecting an indie Zelda, and the story is told non-verbally. Based on this opening act, the closest thing we see to another character is a magical brown fox who entices the player to follow them through this mysterious island our shipwrecked protagonist has found himself washed ashore on.

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Looks like former PlayStation-exclusive Rime is also headed to PC, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch

UPDATE 03/01/2017 5.14pm: Rime has now been confirmed for PS4, Xbox One, PC, and Nintendo Switch with a release planned for May.

The following re-reveal trailer has been released via IGN showing how Tequila Works' long-delayed adventure is shaping up.

ORIGINAL STORY 13/12/2016 4.12pm: Previously a PlayStation exclusive, Rime looks like it'll now release on PC, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch as well as PS4.

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Rime could be going multiplatform

Tequila Works reacquires rights to the IP from Sony.

At Gamescom 2013 Deadlight developer Tequila Works announced a very pretty PS4- exclusive adventure game called Rime. Now, there's a distinct chance it may not stay exclusive as the developer has reacquired the rights to the title from Sony.

Rime's new Gamescom trailer looks stunning

Rime's new Gamescom trailer looks stunning

Puzzles are clever like a fox.

Deadlight developer Tequila Works' upcoming PS4-exclusive adventure Rime sure is pretty.

A new Gamescom trailer shows off its colourful world as you take the role of a lost boy who awakens on a mysterious island.

Who the boy is, why he's here, and what's inside that intriguing tower in the distance adorned with a giant keyhole are all mysteries for the player to uncover as they solve puzzles and unearth the lore behind this strange place.

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Microsoft turned down PlayStation 4 exclusive Rime

Microsoft turned down PlayStation 4 exclusive Rime

"Part of job is living with mistakes..."

Microsoft turned down PlayStation 4 exclusive Rime, leaked documents have revealed.

VG Leaks published documents showing Tequila Works' lovely-looking project was pitched to Microsoft as an Xbox platform exclusive. The Spanish developer had wanted to create a version for Xbox Live Arcade, Windows 8 and Windows Phone. At the time the game was called Echoes of Siren and was two years from being finished.

In the pitch the game is described as "Gauntlet meets Minecraft meets Jason and the Argonauts". During the day you explore an open world island and hunt to obtain tools, weapons, food and medicine. When the night comes you defend your fortifications against the island's guardians. There are no quests in the traditional sense. Rather, the island is the character.

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PlayStation 4 exclusive Rime looks lovely in new extended trailer

PlayStation 4 exclusive Rime looks lovely in new extended trailer

"We are happy. We create things with gusto."

Sony has released an extended trailer for eye-catching PlayStation 4 exclusive Rime.

The game was announced during Sony's Gamescom press conference with a brief, tantalising video. Now, with this latest video, we get a much clearer look at Tequila Works' Ni no Kuni meets Ico style project.

"For us, it's not just about technology (although that's important too!)," creative director Raúl Rubio Munárriz wrote on the PlayStation Blog.

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Deadlight dev announces gorgeous cel-shaded open-world adventure Rime

Deadlight developer Tequila Works is making a massive transition from its gritty, 2D zombie platformer to the bright, cel-shaded open-world adventure Rime.

Based on its Gamescom debut trailer below, Rime definitely gives off a Ni No Kuni vibe with some of Ico's lonely ruins and shadowy foes tossed into the mix. Plus your character's red cape, tunic and headband bring to mind Fumito Ueda's beloved horned lead.

Sadly, that's bout all we know of this pretty project at the moment, but it seems like one to keep an eye on.

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