Portal 2 News

Valve has made a new Portal demo

For its latest VR controller, Knuckles EV2.

Chet Faliszek has left Valve

Portal and Left 4 Dead writer runs out of Steam.

Portal writer Erik Wolpaw has left Valve

"You want your freedom? Take it."

This Portal-themed HoloLens mod is a triumph

Get ready to never stop thinking with portals.

Portal 2 and Left 4 Dead receive Xbox One backwards compatibility

Along with Flashback, Babel Rising, and Brain Challenge.

Former Valve employee is suing the company for $3.1m

Alleges developer exploited minors for free labour, discriminated against transgender staff.

Steam hardware pre-orders score free Rocket League and Portal 2

Rocket League coming to SteamOS and Mac after sales success.

Professional-looking mod Portal Stories: Mel is due tomorrow on Steam

Free fan-made expansion offers 6-10 hours of content.

Steam Music Player lets you listen to your music while you play

Half-Life and Portal soundtracks DLC going free.

Valve developed the upcoming Portal board game

Publisher Cryptozoic says Valve's prototype required "minimal input".

J.J. Abrams and Gabe Newell want to collaborate on movies, games

UPDATE: Abrams really is in talks with Valve about Half-Life/Portal movies. "It's as real as anything in Hollywood ever gets."

Portal fan film director to helm big-screen Y: The Last Man project

New Line signs game fan to direct classic comic conversion.

GLaDOS voice in new Guillermo del Toro film

Pan's Labyrinth director a fan of Portal.

Portal 2 PC finally gets split-screen co-op

Valve deploys new update, support still alive.

COD Black Ops: Declassified costs 45 on EU PlayStation Store

Plus: Portal 2 DLC, Sonic Racing, NFS: Most Wanted demo.

Valve's first hardware slated for beta next year

Weta makes a nifty Portal turret, too.

Portal 2's Chell nearly married a turret

Still Alive inspired by God Hand's end credits.

Valve "jumping in" to computer hardware space

"We're frustrated by the lack of innovation."

You can make co-op Portal 2 test chambers now

What's that you say about Half-Life 3?

Valve opens Euro office, updates Steam terms

Disallows class action lawsuits, improves individual claims.

Portal Lego set goes into review

Get ready to think with Legos.

Steam Summer Sale is now live

You don't need to eat for a month, right?

Valve counters EA's Steam sales "cheapen intellectual property" accusation

"If we thought having a 75 per cent sale on Portal 2 would cheapen Portal 2, we wouldn't do it."

How "bossless" Valve makes decisions

The Half-Life maker on its "organic gravity well".

Valve offers teachers free Portal 2 for classroom use

And explains what kids can learn from it.

From YouTube: Street Fighter 2 playing with Portals

Fei Long, Guile and Chun-Li in Capcom/Valve mash-up.

Valve launches Steam remote downloads

Download pre-loads, new releases and latest purchases while out and about.

Valve does have managers, says ex-Portal lead

Kim Swift offers her take on Employee Handbook leak.

Swift denies pressure to top Portal with Quantum Conundrum

And insists she hasn't finished Portal 2.

Fans make thousands of new Portal 2 maps in days

Valve having a weekend Steam sale to celebrate.

Portal 2 sales top four million

PC level editor available from today.

New Portal 2 DLC announced for Mac, PC

Perpetual Testing Initiative level editor due next month.

Valve working on augmenting your reality with wearable computing

"Please, no rumours about Steam glasses being announced at E3."

Valve job ad adds weight to Steam Box rumour

"Help us invent whole new gaming experiences."

Portal 2 wins Best Game BAFTA

Skyrim goes home empty-handed, British studios win big.

Valve: no Steam Box "any time soon"

Coomer's PC a test unit for Steam Big Picture Mode.

Gabe Newell is worth $1.5 billion

And Valve is worth over $3 billion.

The Portal 2 that never was

Wheatley's death, the other spheres, the original ending and co-op story, competitive multiplayer and a Garfield parody. Spoilers!

AIAS 2011 Awards winners revealed

Skyrim dominates the evening.

Valve makes Portal 2 Space Core mod for Skyrim

Voiced, it seems, by Nolan North.

The most pirated PC, Wii, 360 games of 2011

Can you guess what it is yet?

Valve: piracy a "non-issue" for Steam

Perhaps Gabe Newell along.

Portal 2 map editor DLC coming

Due out early next year.

EU PlayStation Store update 5th October

Crysis! NBA Jam! Portal 2 DLC!

Portal 2 DLC release date

Peer Review goes live next week.

Steam Trading feature goes live

Portal 2, TF2 and Spiral Knights supported.

Portal 2 PC outperformed console versions

But vice versa for Left 4 Dead.

Valve wants Steamworks in CS: GO XBLA

Would love Xbox Live restriction relaxed.

Free Portal 2 DLC out next month

New test chambers incoming.

Crysis 2 racks up three million sales

Dead Space 2, Dragon Age II pass 2m.

Brink dev bellows Portal praises

"Greatest" design "we're ever likely to see."

Valve picks new Portal 2 PC maps

Summer contest winners announced.

Portal 2 tops three million sales

Can Valve sequel match original's tally?

Valve to attend gamescom

DOTA 2? Portal 2 DLC? Half-Life 3?

Portal 2, Dead or Alive crack Japan chart

But hardware sales continue freefall.

Valve offers Portal 2 soundtrack for free

First of three downloads available now.

Portal 2 in orphan insult row

Adoptive parent "shocked at insensitivity".

NPD: Mortal Kombat beats Portal 2 in US

Xbox 360 takes hardware crown.

Merchant: Portal 2 role was "exhausting"

"I can never do this again."

Portal 2 beta Authoring Tools released

Make your own maps, skins, models, sounds.

Valve not giving up on single player

Gabe Newell promises "single player plus".

UK Top 40: Zumba Fitness ousts Portal 2

Steel Diver sinks without trace.

Portal 2 gets fresh PC update

Valve patches up bugs and system crashes.

Free Portal 2 DLC detailed

New test chambers, challenge mode due.

Portal 2 DLC out this summer

Valve confirms more content cooking.

Is Portal 2 Valve's last single-player game?

Multiplayer-focused future hinted at.

Portal 2 PC patch released

Valve plugs a few holes.

GAME selling PC Portal 2 right now

"Market reaction" to Valve's Steam release.

Portal 2 Metacritic user score pounded

Mutiny at DLC prices, game length, ARG.

Portal 2 out now on Steam worldwide

Valve digitally delivers.

Out This Week - 22/04/11

Portal 2! Mortal Kombat! Op Flash!

Play indie games, get PC Portal 2 early

Get stuck into the Potato Sack now.

Portal 2 Steam release today?

Aperture countdown teases possibility.

Valve outs PS3 Portal 2 Steam features

PS3/PC co-op requires Steam account.

Valve launches Steam Guard

Do a Gabe and tell us your password.

Why Chet Faliszek is Valve's Mr Awesome

"I walk around the hall with my iron fist."

Will Steamworks come to Xbox 360?

Portal 2 PS3 features Valve's "first step".

Valve insists all Portal 2s are the same

But PS3 version "one to get" for co-op fans.

Big Picture Mode brings Steam to tellys

Controller support and TV navigation, too.

Portal 2 to have "complete" Move support

But it's not "fully integrated" yet.

Steam owns half PC download market

Is "tremendously profitable" says Newell.

Multiple endings confirmed for Portal 2

Plus, cross-platform user-generated levels.

Portal 2 PS3, Steam cross-platform play

PS3 version unlocks free Steam copy.

New Coulton song confirmed for Portal 2

Still Alive composer pens new tune.

Exclusive Portal 2 levels for Razer Hydra

Valve backs new PC motion controller.

Electronic Arts picks up Portal 2

Will publish it in shops.

Valve: single player games have a future

Not all gamers want "stress" of multiplayer.

EA in talks with Valve to sign Portal 2

"You earn their business every single time."

Valve gives Portal 2 a release date

Stephen Merchant to vocalise.

Portal 2 due out next year

New "ethics-review-panel-supervised" date.

Valve E3 reveal "isn't Ep 3" - Newell

Boss quells Half-Life 2 speculation.

E3 Portal 2 event replaced by "surprise"

Valve ready to unveil Episode Three?

Hidden Portal 2 message deciphered

Valve GDC BSOD joke points to E3.

Steam for Mac announced, detailed

Launching in April with all Valve's games.

Portal 2 co-op, story, gameplay details

GameStop and Game Informer blow lid.