Medal Of Honor News

Iranian state TV accidentally airs Medal of Honor footage

Not a raid on ISIS troops, as reported.

Medal of Honor: Warfighter out this October - report

UPDATE: EA confirms news, releases concept art.

GTA5, COD to account for quarter of all year's game sales - report

Gaming's biggest franchises to dominate coming financial year.

GAME outs new Medal of Honor, Need for Speed 13

Shown by EA during confidential presentation.

EA teases Medal of Honor 2

Leaflet found in Battlefield 3.

DICE clarifies Battlefield 3 beta, alpha

Alpha "closed" to Medal of Honor owners.

Danger Close working on Medal of Honor 2

Promises a "fun ride" lies in wait.

Bilson wouldn't have put Taliban in MOH

"It's emotional and it's personal."

Codies: real world FPS are not "tasteful"

"There are British soldiers dying."

EA reveals strategy to beat COD

Riccitiello: "We can take the lead."

DICE: MOH controversy affected reviews

Competing with Battlefield "awkward".

EA: MOH didn't meet quality expectations

Judged harsher than it should be, says exec.

More multiplayer DLC for Medal of Honor

Hot Zone pack incoming, not free this time.

EA Sports MMA "dead on arrival"

Analyst: fighter tops off poor year for EA.

Medal of Honor gets patched up

PC bugs fixed, weapons tweaked.

How much money did MOH make?

Nowhere near as much as COD or Reach.

Medal of Honor gets free multiplayer DLC

Plus, EA's shooter sells 1.5 million units.

UK chart: Medal of Honor wins gold

Just Dance 2 is just third.

EA: MOH "exceeding" US shop forecasts

"Off to a great commercial start."

EA dismisses poor MOH review scores

"This is a marathon not a sprint."

Marine dislikes MOH Afghanistan depiction

"It equates war with the leisure of games."

MOH dev: Try it before you judge us

Taliban furore just a "misunderstanding".

EA promises to stabilise MOH servers

Suggests PS3 Online Pass workaround.

US Army bases still won't stock MOH

Taliban change has poor effect on target.

Analysts criticise EA's MOH Taliban cut

Pachter: "No uproar about Nazis in COD."

MOH beta to "clear up misunderstanding"

"About patriotism and respect."

Treyarch supports Medal of Honor team

Taliban ruckus was “unfair”.

MOH "not about the Taliban or Al-Qaeda"

Goodrich says it's about honouring soldiers.

EA big hitters at Eurogamer Expo

MOH! FIFA 11! Crysis 2! NFS! Dead Space 2!

COD military advisor defends MOH

Taliban are "hard little f***ers".

EA hits back at MOH "un-British" claim

"British troops do not feature in the game."

DCMS backs ratings system in MOH row

Liam Fox was "expressing personal view".

Defence Secretary demands MOH ban

"Disgusted" at "un-British game".

DICE defends playable Taliban in MOH

Feel uneasy? "It's a fair point," says dev.

EA admits COD and Halo will rule 2010

But has FPS crown in its sights.

Linkin Park MOH video launches

Tons of new campaign footage offered.

Medal of Honor devs form new studio

Called Danger Close Games.

Medal of Honor 360 beta begins

Try an unfinished game.

Limited edition Medal of Honor coming

Get early access to special stuff, for free.

Medal of Honor 360 beta delayed

PC and PS3 versions unaffected.

Sony ties up DLC/pack-in exclusives

For MOH, Dead Space, Mafia, Brotherhood.

BFBC2 gets Vietnam-set DLC expansion

Dead Space 2, MoH and its beta dated.

Medal of Honor multiplayer beta date

Retailer points to early July.

New action Need for Speed at E3

EA Natal/Move line-up reveal, too.

Medal of Honor due in October

A month ahead of COD: Black Ops.

MOH in Q3, Crysis 2 and NFS in Q4

APB also down for Q3 in 2010 dates.

MOH has multiple playable characters

A few MOH details ahead of previews.

Medal of Honor trailer "100% in-game"

Developer answers questions about reboot.

Army man explains MOH operatives

Tier 1s do what "no one else can handle".

New Medal of Honor due in autumn

US fans can pre-order now.

Mod War games too samey, says EA

Boss reckons MOH can topple 'em.

EA announces new Medal of Honor

Set in present day Afghanistan, due 2010.

EA exec: MOH is "simply stunning"

C&C will be revamped too.

EA boss hints at new Medal of Honor

It's coming, but he won't say when.

War and Spore for mobiles

MOH, Battlefield on way.