Lost Odyssey News

Lost Odyssey is free this month on Xbox Live

It and Blue Dragon are now digitally available on Xbox One.

Looks like Final Fantasy creator Sakaguchi's next game is Terra Battle

UPDATE: Yes, it's Terra Battle and yes, it's for smartphones.

New Sakaguchi game in "final phase"

"I will make it really good," he says.

Lost Odyssey to become a series?

Microsoft Japan suggests so.

Pre-order Lost Odyssey and get MS Points

A thousand of them, no less.

Can't wait for Lost Odyssey?

Then import it. It works. In English.

Lost Odyssey date set in stone

Silly hair at end of February.

Lost Odyssey in February

But not playable at TGS.

Lost Odyssey demo at TGS

An hour of Mistwalker's RPG.

New Lost Odyssey details

Shadow Hearts dev is involved.

Sakaguchi talks future plans

He's got another project.

Lost Odyssey details found

Sakaguchi reveals all.